Our Expertise.

Our expertise as a digital agency lies in both our ability to understand our clients and their core digital priorities, as well as our innate drive to grow in an ever-changing digital environment. We like to keep innovation at the forefront.

We create a unique service offering based around our goal to grow your customer base through social media marketing, maximise user engagement through digital optimisation, acquire customers through AI technology & create websites designed to properly represent your brand & meet the needs of the stakeholders involved.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook & Instagram
The bread and butter of online advertising. Many will focus on likes and comments, but not us. We're a results based agency - So likes and followers don't interest us - We solely focus on return on investment and turning a profit with our campaigns. Why settle for anything less than great returns? We utilise powerful targeting tools, we will give you data-driven lead generation campaigns.

To get Insta & FB ads to actually work for you: We need to combine an incredible brand & product, beautiful content, persuasive copy, and killer audience targeting. We'll take care of all of this for you.

Google & Youtube Advertising

Google Advertising Suite
Continually being updated the Google suite includes; PPC search, display, re-targeting, YouTube & shopping (for the eCom brands). Our team of experts are proficient across each aspect of the platform and are positioned to be adapting in innovative fashion as the platform continually expands.
Youtube Ads
As the digital world currently stands YouTube ads serve as one of the most cost effective ways to get your brand in front of your ideal audience. High level targeting and a cost efficient ad expenditure model from Google equates to a great platform to advertise your video content on.

Pinterest, Snapchat & TikTok Ads

420 million monthly active users, 70% female, and 55% admitting that they use Pinterest to find new products. This is a big platform not to miss, especially if your anything fashion, art, wellness, travel, food & more. CPC is generally way lower in comparison to GA & FB, perfect for getting those high ROAS.
Snapchat & TikTok
Two of the biggest growth markets in 2020. TikTok took the online world by storm, and even with its controversy it doesn't look like its going anywhere. If your audience are 18 - 25. This is absolutely a market that shouldn't be overlooked.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There often lies confusion around SEO, so we'll break it down to its most simplistic form. SEO is an organic strategy requiring continual improvements and adjustments to increase web pages ranking efficiently on search engines, most commonly Google.

There are multiple different aspects involved in any given SEO strategy primarily funnelling down to each businesses specific goals. Generally a rock solid SEO strategy will incorporate; on-site optimisation & technical audits, link-building and decisive content strategies and keyword mapping sessions, all of which our team of experts are proficient. We offer all aspects for both local, off-site & eCommerce SEO solutions.

Website Development

E-commerce Websites
Shopify is our go-to platform to develop exceptional eCommerce sites, they're the market leader for all-in-one eCom platforms for a reason. If the goal is to create an aesthetically stunning and high converting site built to scale whether from $10k p/m to $100k or $100k p/m to over $1mil then Shopify is the platform you can trust & rely on to do so. Our team are equipped to enable scalability & growth and serve as both Shopify partners and experts.
Corporate / CMS Websites
Our team are proficient across various platforms, our go to is WordPress (it's hard to beat a killer user friendly CMS system like WP) and in some unique cases WebFlow (if you like what you see, this site is built on WF).

Email & SMS Marketing

Email Marketing
Thought email was dead in the water? Too traditional? Not for today? Think again! Email marketing today stands as one of the most profitable activities a brand can undertake, and surprisingly a road not often travelled. It's also one of the few channels that your business actually owns its own data. Unlike FB, IG, Google or any of the big players.
SMS Marketing
Who wouldn't want 99.9% open rates from their ideal audience/customers. A highly lucrative channel we utilise to promote new campaigns, abandon cart sequences & so forth. At 0.4c a text the ROIs are often through the roof.

Content Creation

Video & Photo Shoots
Advertising & digital marketing amplifies brand & product. If the brand or product isn't up to scratch we have a problem. We help to elevate the visual aspect of brands through both video & photo, creating content that accurately represents a brand, conveys a specific message and is most importantly created to convert.
Product Shoot
Our team of brand extraordinaires will take your product and provide the highest quality in product shots. Including clean studio shots, styled, lifestyle & talent shots to best help elevate your brand & bridge the gap between your consumer and your product.
Our Lifestyle

Who We Are.

Zephyr Social is a full service agency in all things digital, boutique & family owned.

We’re a small fish in a pretty damn big digital ocean, but we like it that way. At our core we’re a small team of digital marketing surfer geeks, stoked on our day to day. Throw in our innate ability to understand our clients and what we’ll provide is a fresh expertise & perspective on all things digital.

With one common goal across the board, we as a company are constantly evolving in this ever-changing digital environment, soley…


Sweet Spots

Zephyr Social are the experts in digital. These are our Sweet Spots.

Our expertise as a digital agency lies in both our ability to understand our clients and their core digital priorities, as well as our innate drive to grow & pivot in an ever - changing digital environment.

The following are a few of the various industries with which we've found great successful for a lot of our clients.

Good Day People Case Study Image

Good Day People

How we officiated the marriage between aesthetic & sales.

Good Day People approached us with an idea, 6 weeks later it was an online reality. Our primary goal was to marry the exceptional creative in the UI/UX with a marketing filter; designed to facilitate a smooth journey for the individual user & drive mass sales, online, all while looking pretty AF.

#Website #Marketing

F45 Case Study Image

F45 Training

Innovation meets automation.

We thought it would make sense to apply an innovative digital strategy to a highly innovative fitness brand. By utilising AI we were able to implement a FB Messenger Chatbot to build a giant database & drive qualified leads to multiple studios. Entirely automated.

#Marketing #MessengerBot

Suttons Case study image

Isuzu Suttons

Maximise & Amplify.

One of our favourite on-going clients. We’ve worked to maximise Suttons digital space & amplify this market-leading brand, keeping them positioned at the top. We utilise various social media & online platforms to do so; from chatbot integration to advanced targeting on YouTube.

#Marketing #SEO


How we use chatbots to start 2000+ conversions.

Through the integration of a chatbot & well curated strategy, we were able to drive user engagement & increase sales at a 500% ROI to a high-end Mexican restaurant on the Northern Beaches.

#Marketing #Chatbot

Left Arrow for Case Studies
Left Arrow for Case Studies
Our Favourites

Who We Work With

We are by no means a 'single-niche-focus' agency. We like to keep things fresh by taking our outlook and expertise to avast range of industries. Zephyr works with companies and corporations both small and large. From the start-up to the multi-nationals.

We're incredibly proud of who we've had the opportunity to partner with.

"If you’re looking for a top-class, reasonably priced, boutique social marketing agency who are across the nuances of our Education sector then I can’t recommend John and his team Zephyr Social highly enough. They have taken our online marketing to another level."
Una Morrison – Marketing and Communications Officer, Diocese of Broken Bay
"Just want to give a shout out to the team at Zephyr Social, we were really stoked with their work! What they set up for us was really effective and we’re really happy with the result. We’re continuing to do work with Zephyr Social and I would highly recommend you check out what they have to offer."
Joel Egan – Owner, 30 x F45 Training Studios
"When it comes to digital marketing, these boys know what they're doing. We're incredibly happy with the work & results that Zephyr have produced. We couldn't recommend them higher."
Thomas Lane – Owner, The Fifth Lane
"Zephyr Social! You guys are incredible! An absolutely a dream to work with. I'm so happy with my new website and so happy with the ongoing marketing!"
Leah Marks – Owner, Leahs Mark Illustrations
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